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Membership in the International Biometals Society


Becoming a member

Membership in IBS is open to any individual (senior researchers, postdocs, graduate students), in any country, with an interest in the study of biometals in microbes, fungi, plants, animals or humans. You can join the Society at any point in the year by filling the application form. Your acceptance in the Society will be confirmed by an e-mail from the Secretary.

The membership fee has been established in 50 Euros (or 50 US Dollars) for a two years period. If you would like to be a member, please complete the online Application Form and THEN the Payment Form. All payments will cover membership in IBS for 2 years (January to December) irrespective of the payment date.


See here the IBS Constitution

If you need more information please contact IBS Secretary, Prof. Larry Barton or Isabelle Michaud-Soret

Member Benefits

The IBS members with an active enrollment will receive important benefits:

  • Reduced registration fees for International Biometals Symposia that take place every two years.

  • Receive a brief overview of the program of the symposia.

  • Receive the IBS Newsletter that will be distributed several times each year. It will contain information about conferences, recent books published, and reviews of notable significance.

Benefits offered by Springer

In addition of the above, all IBS members will have some privileges offered by Springer, the publisher of the journal BioMetals:

  • BioMetals subscriptions will be available for IBS Members at 260 USD (for US based members) or 192 Euros (for Rest Of the World members) for an annual print subscription. This will be a privilege only available for IBS members since Springer has discontinued individual BioMetals print subscriptions for the general public. Springer continues to offer an institutional subscription price to universities.

  • Electronic subscriptions will be available to IBS members for 100 USD or 75 Euros per year.

  • Use this link to order subscriptions.

  • IBS members will receive a 25% discount for both print and electronic versions of English-language books in Life Sciences/Chemistry & Materials Science. Use this link for orders.

  • IBS members can publish free color figures in the print and online versions of BioMetals.

Application form

Application form

Membership payment

Membership payment
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