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Presentation of the International Biometals Society

A scientific society devoted to the study of metals in biological systems

The International Biometals Society (IBS) was formed at the 7th International Biometals Symposium held in Tucson, Arizona (USA) in July 2010. The aims of the Society are to promote research in the field of metal interactions in biology and to encourage the interdisciplinary exchange of information on this subject at a biennial symposium. The Journal of the Society is BioMetals published by Springer, London and it will carry announcements about the Society. Information about the IBS can also be found on this home page.

Board of directors


proposed new President: Isabelle Michaud-Soret (France)

proposed new Vice-President: Christopher Rensing (China/United States)

Past President: Hand Vogel (Canada)

Secretary: position available

Treasurer: position available


Greg Anderson (Australia)

Robert Hider (UK)

Members of the Advisory Board:

Wolfgang Maret (United Kingdom)

Pierre Cornelis (Belgium) (passed away on December 2,2023 see obituary

Guenther Winkelmann (Germany)

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